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OLD  SPRING  FARM Bengal-Manx Cats i.e.“BANX
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Call For Kittens

Debbie Vaught
1120 Eagle Lane
Rocky Mount, VA 24151


“BANX” are Bengal and Manx hybrids that resemble their larger, feral counterpart the bobcat.  The similarity ends here.

 By nature, BANX are very athletic, active and bold.  They enjoy playing in water (A weighted water dish is a “must”).  BANX are very social and enjoy the companionship of adults, children and dogs.  Many BANX are natural retrievers and remain playful and active their entire lives.  They are friendly, curious and confident in disposition.  A BANX should not show signs of aggression or shyness.

The ideal BANX has the contrasting coat pattern of the Bengal and the absolute taillessness of the Manx, called a “rumpie”.

 The BANX at OLD SPRING FARM are the initial result of breeding a purebred brown marble tabby Bengal male to a purebred blue MANX female rumpie.  The resultant kittens born in 2001 were brown spotted tabby, brown marble tabby, chocolate marble or solid blue or black with varying lengths of tail.

 All kittens born at OLD SPRING FARM trace back to this initial cross.

 With Banx, it is very difficult to predict, with any certainty, tail length.  Rumpies can produce kittens with varying tail lengths although they themselves are tailless.

 Since it is a sometimes difficult to sell tailed BANX, most breeders dock a tail shorter so that a kitten will be more acceptable to a buyer.  “Stumpies”,  so shortened, carry the genetic tailless factor.  “Longies”, so shortened, do not carry the genetic tailless factor and should be so noted to prospective buyers who intend to breed.

A “tailed” ancestor in a breeding program is desirable when there is a predominance of “rumpies” in the pedigree.  The gene for taillessness is a lethal one and may be responsible for producing stillborn or deformed kittens which may have difficulty controlling their sphincter muscles and elimination of excreta.  Skeletal deformities and varying degrees of spina bifida in occasional  kittens require euthanization.

BANX kittens from OLD SPRING FARM are guaranteed healthy and free from any abnormality.


HEAD......................... 30 points
Shape........................ 10 points
Ears.......................... 10 points
Eyes......................... 10 points

BODY......................... 35 points
Torso.........................   5 points
Legs..........................  4 points
Taillessness............... 10 points
Bone.......................   6 points
Musculature.............. 10 points 

COAT / PATTERN.............. 35 points
Texture...................... 10 points
Pattern....................... 15 points
Color......................... 10 points


HEAD:             Modified wedge, jowly appearance in adult males.

EARS:              Medium in size in proportion to the head.Wide base tapering to rounded tips.

Eyes:               Oval, almost round on slight bias toward base of ear.Eye color -Hazel, gold, copper, green or blue, aqua
 (blue-green)  accepted.

Click for larger view

·    Seal Mink Tabby - Aqua (blue-green)
·    Seal Sepia Tabby - Gold or gold-green
·    Seal Lynx Point - Blue

BODY:            Torso - is long and substantial, not coarse.
Males - Medium in size, 10 lb. average.
Females - Smaller in size, in balanced proportion.

LEGS:              Slightly longer in the back than in the front.

TAIL:                           Absolute taillessness in the perfect specimen.

A dimpled “rumpie” with a decided “hollow” at the end

of the backbone where, in the tailed cat, a tail would

begin.  (“rumpy” - first sacral bone is fused to last


Acceptable:   A “rise”, or one vertebra of tailbone is

allowed and should not be penalized unless it stops

Ones hand, thereby spoiling the tailless appearance of

the BANX.

BONE:             Sturdy, firm never delicate.

MUSCULATURE:            Males - very muscular.
Females - Generally slighter in musculature.

COAT:             Length - Short & close-lying. Texture - Dense & luxurious, unusually soft and silky
to the touch.  Sleek appearance.

COLOR:          Preference given to spotted or marbled tabby pattern.
Allowed - Black, blue, chocolate and torbie. locket of white or button allowed.

·   THE SPOTTED TABBY PATTERN - Spots shall be random,

or aligned horizontally.  Contrast with ground color must

be extreme, giving distinct pattern and sharp edges.  Virtually

white underside and belly desirable.  Belly must be spotted.

·   THE MARBLE PATTERN - Pattern shall be random giving

the impression of marble, with horizontal flow when the

cat is stretched.  Contrast must be extreme, with distinct

shapes and sharp edges.  Virtually white underside and

belly desirable.  Belly must be spotted.


·   BROWN MARBLE TABBY - All variations allowed.

Markings may be black, tan or various shades of brown

including chocolate.

Any eye color accepted.

 ·   BLACK, BLUE or CHOCOLATE MARBLE TABBY - Ground color and pattern lack contrast but pattern must be visible to the naked eye.

Spotted Tabby & r. Marblen Tabby

Brown Spotted Tabby BANX 3

Brown Marble Tabby 1

Brown Marble Tabby 1 BANX 3

Brown Marble Tabby longie BANX 1

Brown Marble Tabby 1 BANX 2

Blue Marble & Black Marble BANX 1

Chocolatte 1

Chocolatte 2

Seal Lynx Point

Seal Lynx Point

Seal Lynx Point

Peaches 'n Cream Seal Lynx Point

 ·    SNOW  LEOPARDS: Spotted and marble patterns.


·   SEAL MINK TABBY - Ground color should be ivory or cream with pattern clearly visible.  Pattern may be various shadesof seal mink to dark seal mink. Eye color - aqua (blue-green).

·   SEAL SEPIA  TABBY  - Ground color ivory or cream with pattern clearly visible.  Pattern may be various shades of seal sepia to a dark seal sepia. Eye color:   Gold or gold-green.

·   SEAL  LYNX  POINT - Ground color should be ivory to cream with  pattern clearly visible. Pattern can vary in color from dark seal brown, light brown, tan, or buff, with light spectacles whisker pads and chin. There should be little difference between color of body markings and point color. Eye color:  must be blue. 


 ·    Solid-colored BANX with no visible pattern

·    BANX with complete length of tail.  (Longie)

·    BANX with an excess of white more than a locket and / or button.



Suzanne V. Pabst

7629 Charity Highway

Ferrum, VA. 24088


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